Benefits of drying with TES

TES is a unique water-damage restoration system that combines new and current technology in a whole new way. Utilizes the "Reets Evaporation Method" combining controlled heat and air flow to produce high-speed evaporation and dramatically improve the drying process.

→ TES Benefits

  • Dry most jobs in under 30 hours

  • Including carpet, carpet cushion, hardwood, walls, and substrates.
  • Reduce mold/structural damage

  • Structure restored in less time, with less hassle, and less damage.

Exclusive Certified Provider of TES - "Worlds Fastest Drying System" in Southern Missouri.

How does TES work?

tes unit

TES Unit

The Thermal Energy System (tes) power plant generates a high temperature in a unique heat exchange fluid. The fluid is then transferred to the Thermal Exchanger (tex) box.

tes boxes

TEX Boxes

The Tex Thermal Exchanger receives the heated fluid and directs its energy (by air mover) to the wet areas, resulting in rapid evaporation.

tes drying hardwoos

Hardwoods / Substrates

The tex box is placed under a plastic-sheet tented area. It is the direct contact of the energized heat that accelerates drying and minimizes heat loss.

tes carpet

Carpet / Cushion

The Thermal Exchanger (tex) is placed between the carpet and cushion to float the carpet. This transfers the heat directly to the water in both carpet and cushion.

tes drying wall cavities

Wall Cavities

Forcing the energized heat into the wall cavity accelerates evaporation and drying within the wall.

tes evacuation


As temperature and humidity build in the damaged area, the fan is regulated to evacuate saturated air to the outside.


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Insurance Company Friendly

We are proud to offer this advanced process to our insurance providers. If drying in a day's time interests you, we hope you will call us on your next water damage job.